Not sure where you can find some great clothes? Check out these reviews to get you started

July 3, 2017 Fashion

It seems like men can’t get their grip around clothing. As much as they’d like to, they simply don’t have time to go to different stores searching for sales or best deals. Not as much as women do.

check out these five four club reviews

To help out our guys to find some great pieces of clothing that won’t be hard on their wallets, we bring you some great ideas to start. So, check out these Five Four Club reviews.

Similar styles across all selections

Before you make a purchase at Five Four Club, you need to do a short questionnaire. By doing that, you will help Five Four Club team to get to know your style preferences. That way, they’ll be able to select the best clothing combination for you. Once you pick your style, you’ll get to chose the color and the size of tops and bottom.

However, you should know that there aren’t many options when it comes to clothes. You get a piece from a current collection, and they are all about the same no matter what style you chose. If it’s January, and you order your package, you’ll get a piece of long sleeves and a pair of pants in all styles.

Not the highest quality

If you imagined that you’d be getting silk for $60 a month, you need to re-think that. Don’t set up the expectations too high, because you won’t get the top class wardrobe. That doesn’t mean that Five Four Club is a low-quality clothing brand, but some of them might be a little disappointed. The styles are more ordinary than personalized, which makes sense because, after all, they can’t get the exact type of wardrobe you prefer. On the other hand, stitching appears to be a major issue with customers, and the material and color choice is also criticized for being too ordinary, too thin or too dull.

The material feels nice

check out these five four club reviews

Luckily, some people find this “light” or “thin” material comfortable. After all, Five Four Club works with some of the most esteemed fashionistas and clothing brands that help them to create modern pieces of clothing for a majority of men in the US and Canada. So, if you’re a fan of cotton and similar materials, you might find Five Four Club pieces comfortable to wear, especially in summer.

I should have a smaller size, but – I’m satisfied with it

Another thing that might get you upset is sizing. Most of us usually go for one size up when we’re ordering something online, just in case, it won’t fit the way we want to. Some Five Four Club members found this particular issue amusing since they always picked a size that would look too big on them! So, bear in mind that you might not always get the right size. Sometimes is better either to call Five Four Club customer service and ask about sizing. Or, you can just go with the feeling, and choose a bigger or a smaller one.

Learn these hacks before you hire a baby photographer

June 12, 2017 Photography
Hire a baby photographer

To capture the photographs of the baby is not an easy task, just not for the parents but for the photographer as well. Many photographers claim themselves as a professional baby photographer and write the blog as well but in reality, they don’t know much about the profession.

Hire a baby photographer

After having the pictures of your baby, you never get satisfied and the question raised what kind of photographer this person who don’t even know about the angles and who is not considering anything around the baby important? Here are some of the hacks you should know about when you are about to hire a baby photographer.


During the baby, photography background plays an important role in making the photo magical. What if your child’s photo is dull and boring without any catchy background and happy feelings. What will you say to that photographer?

At the time of hiring, photographer ask them what kind of background is suitable for your baby’s pose? If they are not considering any kind of background then how will it look like a professional photography? What is the aim of capturing the picture of your baby? Make sure to discuss the plan with your photographer.


Ask them what they have in mind to keep your child happy and ready at the time of capturing shot? What is the plan of having the perfect picture? If they can provide you demo then ask them to capture one shot of your baby when they are ready so you can see the level of professionalism in them and how they are dealing with your child.

At the time of photography session, it’s important that your child is enjoying the session too. If your baby is infant then there shouldn’t be any problem while they are capturing photographs of your baby with baby photography props.


The best hack to have the coolest picture of your baby is the prop. If the photographer has props for the baby and he is completely sure about it then go for it but if he is asking you to bring props then what is his studio for?

Hire a baby photographer

Baby photographer have props in their studios to keep the babies happy while capturing their picture and while they are playing with it then can have the best shot. So if you know about this hack and you understand the importance of props in the photography then don’t miss this point.


Lightening is one of the major factors when we are talking about the photography. How can someone capture your photo when there is no proper light on you? In the same way, when a photographer is capturing the picture of your baby they should have enough light to keep the picture and to keep your baby focused.

The picture of your child must not be dark or it’s like all your money and hard work is in vain. So when your photographer is about to take a shot, take a preview of the picture for your own satisfaction. Interact with more people here.


June 1, 2017 Blog, Fashion, Modeling

Lack of testosterone can be really detrimental to one’s life. A drop in testosterone can result to very low sex drive, losing several bone density and muscle mass. However, there are several researches that have proven that a drop in testosterone can actually result to prostrate cancer and other problems relating to the heart. To improve your testosterone level you don’t j=have to use drugs according to the best testosterone boosters reviews guide 2017. Some people believe that everyone increasing their testosterone level is only to build their physiques. Increase in testosterone is not only for the purpose of building physique but also for treatment of some medical conditions. There are different ways to increase your testosterone either through medical means or through physical activities.

Here are 5 different ways to increase your testosterone physically.

Try To Build Your Biceps

Your body can produce testosterone as research has proven that men who get involve with weight lifting regularly is most likely to experience a 49 per cent increase in the free testosterone. Having bicep will not only make you more attractive giving you a better physique but it will also increase your testosterone, which makes you active. It is one sure way of increasing testosterone in the body. For more info you can visit this resource:

Drop Your Tummy Level And Abs

This is one fact, as your waist size increases as a result of eating so much, so also will your testosterone level drop like a crashing plan. As your body mass index increases along with your height, so also will your testosterone level decline. So one of the best ways to increase or boost your testosterone level is to loose weight and also gets a flattened tummy forever.

Your Testosterone Level is Affected By Alcohol

Most time after one everyone wants to really relax, have a good time with friends and down a few bottles of alcohol. A recent Dutch research proves that men who takes alcoholic drink everyday for at least 3 weeks is prone to having a drop in testosterone to at least 7%.

Obviously, one of the best ways to boost your testosterone level is to stay away from alcohol or better still reduce your alcohol intake down to one battle per night. This will help boost your testosterone in a short time.

Extreme Trimming up on Fat can really Cause Drop Testosterone

A publication by international journal of sports medicine reveals prove that trimming down on fat can be nice but in extreme case it can eliminate your testosterone level. As much as many people these days really want to cut down on fat for several reasons, in extreme cases it can be detrimental to your health. So try not to drop your fat burn off your fat level totally. Because this is bullshit.

Over Working

It is ok to work really hard but over working yourself can stress you. Stressing yourself can result to a quick drop in your testosterone level. Stressing yourself affects your cortisol to surge, which can cause the drop in your body ability to produce testosterone. So as you work, be sure you are not stressing myself.

Increasing your testosterone level will go a long way to keep you healthy and physically fit.

Fish Oil and You : Get a Model Body

May 21, 2017 Blog

Fish oil is known for its high content of essential fatty acids. The human body can not produce the necessary acids and therefore must acquire them through food, the problem is that although there are several foods that can provide what is necessary, none has the necessary amount of fish oil. Fatty acids are organic components of fats, which provide energy to our body and allow the development of different tissues, among other important qualities for our health as well as for the good functioning of our body. Among those known as essential fatty acids, we find the Omega 3 and Omega 6, which are characterized by being healthy fatty acids with interesting benefits for our cardiovascular health.

With regard to which foods are richer in essential fatty acids, we can mention fish, and more specifically fish oil, since these foods are actually extremely rich in different and different oils that are very beneficial to our organism. In fact, fish oil stands out because of its high content of Omega 3 fatty acids.

Nutritional benefits of fish oil

Fish oil is very rich in essential fatty acids, among which we can mention the Omega 3 fatty acids, which are precursors of the acids Alpha-Linolenic Acid (ALA), DHA and EPA, as well as the prostaglandins PGE3, which are Characterized by being a type of hormonal substance with wonderful functions in our body, or as the Italians call ‘omega 3 cani e gatti‘.

A useful option when it comes to providing fish oils to our bodies is to opt for the consumption of fatty fish from the cold water, such as mackerel, tuna, salmon and sardines. However, it is also possible to find fish oil supplements which also contain interesting amounts of vitamin E and can be combined with other vitamins (such as vitamin A, B1, B2, B3 and D). And with minerals such as calcium or iron.

Properties of fish oil

It helps you lose weight

Different scientific studies have found that taking a fish oil supplement regularly helps in weight loss while reducing blood sugar levels, especially in people both overweight and obese. These researchers have indeed found that taking 6 grams of fish oil rich in DHA and EPA every day significantly decreases body fat when the diet is combined with physical exercise.

Take care of your cardiovascular health

Since fish oil is rich in essential fatty acids that help reduce the presence of fats in the blood, preventing them from accumulating, it is also useful for taking care of our cardiovascular health, helping us to prevent heart disease. But this quality is not only interesting for those who want to prevent it, but for those patients who already have heart disease, since they help reduce the risk of dying from heart disease. It also prevents hardening of the arteries, a condition known as arteriosclerosis.

These benefits are also interesting in case of suffering from arterial hypertension since the Omega 3 fatty acids present in fish oil would be able to expand blood vessels, quality which in turn translates into a reduction of high pressure levels arterial.

Good for the health of your eyes

You will probably know that eating fish regularly helps to take care of your eyes and prevent different diseases of the eyes, as is the case of what is known as age-related macular degeneration. In this sense, there is scientific evidence that consuming fish oil regularly, more than once a week reduces the risk of developing macular degeneration.

Fish oil, in turn, has multiple additional applications for health; so many that we can’t list them all. Therefore, for the better functioning of the human body, it is of vital importance the consumption of it for the perfect functioning of the body

Dental care in modeling – a least cared for subject

April 20, 2017 Blog

Good and proper dental technique not only ensures a bright sunny smile but also staves off cavities and prevents gum disease. However, in the modeling industry, there are far too many occasions where the models teeth are not up to par. This has a huge effect on their career and also they pay. There are basic guidelines and regulations to maintaining perfect tooth and gum health, and preventing dental degradation over the long-term, agreed upon by renowned dental practitioners and healthcare advisors over the world. Here we’ll look into what you need to do to keep your teeth white and keep the modeling jobs coming in.

Principals of Whiter Teeth

Regular brushing is first of the principals to keeping your teeth fresh and healthy. Running a brush either with or without a toothpaste twice daily has been proven effective for combating plaque and unwanted food morsels in the mouth. Take your time with the job and use an electric toothbrush if there is trouble with holding it. A fluoride toothpaste is best for combating most of the root causes of gum disease and prevents bad breath and staining.

toothbrushPracticing good brushing technique is vital. Use a soft-bristled brush and angle it with the teeth. Swipe in gentle vertical as well as back-and-forth motions, making sure to reach the outside, inside and chewing surfaces of the teeth, ending with the tongue. Floss regularly in addition to brushing. Practice flossing in front of the mirror initially and work your way through without it, one tooth at a time. Curve the floss around the tooth when it reaches up to the gumline, and unwind fresh floss as you progress to the rest of your teeth. As long as both brushing and flossing are executed on a regular basis, it does not matter which part comes first. Using fluoride mouthwashes before bed is also a great way to combat accumulated plaque on the molars and incisors.

Keeping your brushing equipment clean and bacteria free is another consideration in oral health care. Rinse your brush thoroughly and let it air dry in a vertical position until you have to use it again. Keep it at a safe proximity from other toothbrushes to prevent cross contamination. Do not cover it up too frequently or place in closed containers in case molds and bacteria start to colonize on the bristles. Replace a toothbrush every three to four months, or sooner if your bristles have softened and frayed.

Examining Your Teeth

Self-examination and early detection of certain tooth and gum diseases is vital to seeking out the best treatment in the earliest possible phase. One model out of Stockton, CA named Kimberly, said she had to find a dentist in Stockton and have immediate treatment after noticing many of the warning signs listed below. Some of the warning signs that your teeth may be susceptible to certain bacterial infestations due to which we request you pay a visit to your dentist are:

Sexiest Brides Of Fashion

March 7, 2017 wedding

Sexiest Brides Of Fashion Yes, it is that time year. Brides love the spring/summer season with its sunny skies and warm breezes. Weddings are as plentiful as the venues and choosing the right dress can be a little tricky. What should you wear for an outdoor wedding, a formal church wedding, a morning wedding? Here is a little guide to help you choose the perfect dress for any wedding. One of the most commonly asked questions when attending a weddingRead More

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