4MODEL – Fashion Agency – Milan –

We’re an exclusive Agency of Fashion and Entertainment at the forefront in the
Selection, framing and professional insertion of VOLTI
NEW, in the Fashion, Advertising, Television and Entertainment sectors.

The Agency, with its prestigious headquarters in MILAN, the capital of fashion, we make use of more experienced professionals with upwards of ten years of experience in various sectors.

What we’re looking for:

Wearers / Bears, Model (s), Model Models (s), Actresses / Golds, Extras and Hostesses are the sought-after figures.

What We Book:

Event organization, parades, events, productions, casting,
Photographic services, locations with the ability to provide figures
Professionals: choreographers, directors, presenters, make-up artist,
Stylist, hair stylist, technician, dressmaker …

The agency is an important reference point for both professionals and aspiring models, and provides the most advanced tools for the promotion of their own image.

We are selecting:
NEW MODELS to be included in the following sectors:
Fashion, Advertising, Entertainment and Television
For categories:
Children (from 3 years old), Young and Adults.
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