Not sure where you can find some great clothes? Check out these reviews to get you started

July 3, 2017 Fashion

It seems like men can’t get their grip around clothing. As much as they’d like to, they simply don’t have time to go to different stores searching for sales or best deals. Not as much as women do.

check out these five four club reviews

To help out our guys to find some great pieces of clothing that won’t be hard on their wallets, we bring you some great ideas to start. So, check out these Five Four Club reviews.

Similar styles across all selections

Before you make a purchase at Five Four Club, you need to do a short questionnaire. By doing that, you will help Five Four Club team to get to know your style preferences. That way, they’ll be able to select the best clothing combination for you. Once you pick your style, you’ll get to chose the color and the size of tops and bottom.

However, you should know that there aren’t many options when it comes to clothes. You get a piece from a current collection, and they are all about the same no matter what style you chose. If it’s January, and you order your package, you’ll get a piece of long sleeves and a pair of pants in all styles.

Not the highest quality

If you imagined that you’d be getting silk for $60 a month, you need to re-think that. Don’t set up the expectations too high, because you won’t get the top class wardrobe. That doesn’t mean that Five Four Club is a low-quality clothing brand, but some of them might be a little disappointed. The styles are more ordinary than personalized, which makes sense because, after all, they can’t get the exact type of wardrobe you prefer. On the other hand, stitching appears to be a major issue with customers, and the material and color choice is also criticized for being too ordinary, too thin or too dull.

The material feels nice

check out these five four club reviews

Luckily, some people find this “light” or “thin” material comfortable. After all, Five Four Club works with some of the most esteemed fashionistas and clothing brands that help them to create modern pieces of clothing for a majority of men in the US and Canada. So, if you’re a fan of cotton and similar materials, you might find Five Four Club pieces comfortable to wear, especially in summer.

I should have a smaller size, but – I’m satisfied with it

Another thing that might get you upset is sizing. Most of us usually go for one size up when we’re ordering something online, just in case, it won’t fit the way we want to. Some Five Four Club members found this particular issue amusing since they always picked a size that would look too big on them! So, bear in mind that you might not always get the right size. Sometimes is better either to call Five Four Club customer service and ask about sizing. Or, you can just go with the feeling, and choose a bigger or a smaller one.

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